BMW introduced an updated 1 series.

The BMW 1st Series is the only rear wheel drive hatchback in the premium segment. Since 2011, the Bavarian “penny” of the current generation has sold millions of copies, with 70% of all sales in Europe. It is logical that at the end of the life cycle in the BMW slightly updated hatchback

External differences must be sought with a microscope. The BMW 1-Series has new performance lines: Sport Line Shadow, M Sport Shadow and M140i Edition Shadow. All of them differ from the usual versions of the black grille, dark “substrate” of LED headlights and tinted rear lights.

In the range of colors, two new ones appeared – Sunset Orange and Seaside Blue. The line of wheels has expanded with five new models with a diameter of 17 and 18 inches.

In the interior of the changes a little more. The dashboard was completely updated, the center console received the decoration with elements painted in “piano” lacquer, a cup holder appeared, which can be closed with a sliding cover, new materials of decoration appeared. And most importantly: the latest generation iDrive system with voice control and the optional Navigation Professional system with an 8.8-inch screen as an option. The latter has Apple CarPlay support. Also, after updating to “penny”, you can order wireless charging for your smartphone, as well as an Internet access point, to which you can connect up to ten devices via Wi-Fi.

Similar changes have occurred with the coupe and the BMW 2-Series convertible.

This update is the latest for the current generation. As such, the BMW 1-Series will last another couple of years, and then it will be replaced by a new generation. It is not excluded that it will be front-wheel drive.

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