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  1. The new 3 series BMW in size has become like the «five» of the 80s — 1 комментарий

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Mercedes and BMW have agreed to jointly develop UAVs.

BMW and Daimler have signed a cooperation agreement, under which partners will be engaged in joint development of cars with automatic control systems. This is reported by the press service of the German automakers. Combining efforts will speed up the process of technology development, as well as significantly save money. In this case, the total …

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New details about the BMW 2-Series in the version of the Gran Coupe

The Bavarian novelty with four doors and a coupe body will receive a full drive and a powerful 300 hp engine. Earlier this month, we watched the testing of one of the new BMW models — the M235i Gran Coupe, which will be a slightly more powerful performance of the standard model. The premiere of …

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BMW 3 Series Touring on Vossen Wheels

BMW 3-Series E91 Touring on Vossen Wheels

BMW 2 Series Coupe F22/23

The BMW 2-Series Coupe in 2017 has been updated and offers a slight change in appearance and interior. In addition to general cosmetic changes, a spectacular two-door model has received a new optics, which is now fully LED already in the basic configuration. Among other things, three new exterior colors are available: dark blue Mediterranean …

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BMW introduced an updated 1 series.

The BMW 1st Series is the only rear wheel drive hatchback in the premium segment. Since 2011, the Bavarian “penny” of the current generation has sold millions of copies, with 70% of all sales in Europe. It is logical that at the end of the life cycle in the BMW slightly updated hatchback External differences …

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